Sunday, July 17, 2011

I am already here !

Ah ! Poetry ! Many a word that I have written and read for many a year, even if I've not read as much poetry from other authors. This doesn't sound right does it ? But to be honest, I may have read hundreds of poems over the last few years with three known authors that come to mind : Edgar Allen Poe, Pam Ayres and Eleanor Farjeon. Edgar Allen Poe for the Raven ( re-realised from an episode of the Simpsons ), Pam Ayres for her witty verses, a known poet from the 1970's and 1980's and Eleanor Farjeon for the poem, Cats Sleep Anywhere. The links are sourced from Wikipedia.

Since I my teenager years, I have written hundreds of poems, that being any subject and modestly sized. Short enough for a quick read and usually in an understandable format or theme. By chance, I do have an compilation of my works already available to buy as well, Inspirations by Alexander Aris, both in paperback and as an eBook. I bet you could see that coming with a quick plug of my works. But in all honesty, this book hasn't sold many copies at all, if fact one and that was by myself. I also sold a pre-published proof copy to a cousin, buy would this count as a sale ?

There are couple of place where you can buy my book :

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Despite all of this, I find writing poetry a great stress reliever and a unique license promote feelings about a situation or subject. About ten years ago, I was writing lots and the energy within each poem or piece was amazing. Then, after writing so many pieces, I stopped. I felt like I was repeating myself, even if it was in a different vane. So, I have decided to slowly start writing again, even if the pace is a little slow.

What I find the most unusual about poetry, is when an idea comes to you in the strangest place, for instance, this poem during Harry Potter 7 Part 2 :

I use you, you use me,
We are paralled in synchronicity.

Bridging a gap in persons wrong,
Can savour a person in short or long.

A smaller percentage if the top end is low,
A larger domination if the higher is unknown.

Riddled by desperation in a want or need,
Is another one reason for incesant greed.

I believe my mind was thinking about money the time or was it Harry Potter ? Probably the latter. Anyway, part of my book, Inspirations, has three stories in verse and one of them is Dexter-7. I actually recorded this over 10 years ago as a project for my then website. It's now available in one audio segment and through YouTube. Have listen and hear the story unfold and by the way, I had to record each semi-segment several times back then because of bloopers. Now I know how voice over people feel after each retake !

Hopefully in the next post, I'll be able to bring you some extracts from other stories and other new poems. Here's to then ...